[Graphic Images] Inside the Horrific Death Houses That Forensic Cleaners Go into Every Day

A tragic death leaves more than just grieving relatives and mourning friends behind. It also makes one hell of a mess. Although it’s a subject almost too distressing and morbid to think about, the process of death is not a sanitary one. For some people their whole job revolves around the unpleasant business of disposing of mortal remains, whether the cause of death is natural, criminal, or self-inflicted.

That ignominious occupation belongs to Josh Marsden, an Australian forensic cleaner tasked with sponging, scouring and scrubbing the mess made by violent deaths and decomposition. Recently, Marsden shared a few disturbing images of the scenes he’s found on his rounds, and they’re guaranteed to turn your stomach.

Although no human remains feature in the following images, some viewers may find them upsetting.

1. This corpse was left to decompose in a trailer

2. This wooden beam has been coated in an agent that shows human bodily fluids

3. This room was covered in flies

4. Fluids from the remains of one victim had seeped into the floor

5. This victim had been left to decompose for several weeks

6. Marsden stated that this was a terrible cleanup

7. The floor of this death scene had to be pulled up to clean the blood

8. More dried blood pooled on the floor

9. Bloodied footprints on the carpet

10. A mattress soiled with excrement

  1. This person had died in the toilet of a retirement home
  2. The shower had been left running after the deceased expired

13. A body had been dragged through this bloody crime scene

14. More blood spatter from the same homicide

15. Blood droplets show a burglar’s movements

16. More dried blood

17. The outline of the legs of a body are visible on this floor

18. A clump of matted hair at a crime scene

19. Stained tiles near a tablet

20. A disgusting stain under a mattress

Marsden employs a high-pressure extraction machine to remove contaminants, and a special lacquer agent which, when applied to an contaminated surface, will react chemically with organic matter such as blood. Commenting on his grisly occupation, Marsden stated: “Homicides are usually straightforward. The police get out there quickly before the body can rot away, so it’s just the blood to clean up. And stabbings will do more damage than a gunshot wound.”

He added: “A lot of them are suicides and nobody knows they’ve committed suicide. We’re seeing more and more suicides. In a lot of properties we find a lot of alcohol bottles and huge amounts of prescription medication. Huge amounts. And they’re usually related to depression or cancer.” If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal feelings, then please contact the Samaritans on 116 123

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