Amazon now banning people who return too many items from shopping on its site

Image Courtesy: Reuters

Turns out Amazon’s easy return policy may not be as flexible as you think. Amazon Inc has been banning people from its e-commerce platform for various violations including returning purchased items too often, sometimes without giving them reasons for doing so.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has terminated the accounts of several customers in the recent past for allegedly breaking its terms of use without specifying the violation.

The e-commerce giant, which aims to become “Earth’s most customer-centric company”, has forced many e-retailers as well as brick and mortar stores to offer similar hassle-free return policy to their users, thereby increasing the competition in the retail space. But now, its very same free returns policy is creating issues for its customers who say that the company led to believe that it was ok to return items frequently.

Many shoppers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to complain about their Amazon closing their accounts without a prior warning. One customer even shared a screenshot of an email she received from Amazon asking her to explain why she had returned multiple orders from her account in the past 12 months.

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